What is Facts4Life?

A health resilience programme for primary and secondary schools, which:

  • helps all take ownership of health
  • explores illness
  • develops strategies for wellbeing

A training programme and resource that provides opportunities to learn more about physical and mental health within the curriculum. We also provide training and resources for primary teachers in Relationships and Sex Education which incorporate the core ideas of our approach.

We are currently funded by Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and Public Health, Gloucestershire and are part of an initiative to reduce unnecessary demand on vital health services. Training and resources are currently free to Gloucestershire schools and we are establishing links with other authorities, CCGs and schools who would like to become involved in this innovative approach to health resilience. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Why Facts4Life?

We live in a climate where many worry about health and we often assume that perfect health is attainable. When we are unwell, the medical services should be able to fix us.

And yet, our National Health Service is under real strain and the taboo that stops us learning about illness, both mental and physical, remains in schools.

Never has there been a better time to open up the dialogue for young people, families and the wider community.

What Facts4Life offers...

The delivery of the training was really slick and focussed. I was fascinated by the ‘Sciencey’ bit at the start of the presentation as it put the Facts4Life work in context. The presence of a GP and Paediatrician gave the programme credibility. It was a great starting point for us to re-think our PSHCE programme with current up to date thinking and issues that relate to the children of today.

Lynne Bailey

Cheltenham Headteacher

I feel having Facts4Life’s comprehensive health education program is such an important part of the curriculum… in order to help prevent illness and promote healthy living.

Mrs Marie Mason-Peake


I think the most interesting part for me was when we learnt how to fight some of the diseases and the common cold and a lot of those things because it could help me in the rest of my life so I don’t get the worst part of it.

KS2 Student

Participant in UWE evaluation

When I heard Hugh van’t Hoff’s presentation about the initial evaluation of the programme and the outcomes, I was completely blown away. The only positive, constructive idea on solving the NHS’s problems in a positive and preventative way that I have heard in my entire 40 year career in Medicine.

Dr Thornton MacCallum

Stroud GP

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Facts4Life is great. But where can I fit it in?

The Facts4Life resources are proving to be very popular amongst schools in Gloucestershire. As well as central training courses which are attended by one or two members of staff from a school, we are also getting many requests to do whole staff training, often with...

Launch of new Relationships and Sex Education Resources

Facts4Life has launched its new Primary level Relationships (& Sex) Education resource. The central themes of the F4L approach are healthy relationships, safeguarding and the range of normality with additional focus upon health and hygiene, physical development and emotions.

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August is the time to stop, recharge the batteries and catch up on some reading. That may include some light distraction, but a book that really chimes is one that reflects your ideals, teaches you something new, and sheds more light on what it is to be human. Atul...

Facts4Life pilot in schools – teaching children grey

I never realised when I started to think of ways to teach about illness more than 20 years ago how long it would take for the idea to begin to take hold. But it has, finally. We started in earnest about 9 years ago with an after school project at Rednock School...