Redefining Health Education

Working with Early Years Settings


“I think the resources are absolutely brilliant! Really well thought out and great for grab and go moments and clear and easy to use.

“I am feeling more confident in being able to lead discussion around health and mental health related matters with parents and my colleagues.”


Working with Primary & Secondary Schools


It provides a vital toolkit to help to understand and deal with mental health issues inside and outside of the classroom.”

“I found the training really inspirational and gave me a whole different perspective on traditional Healthy Living Education which i will be delivering to the rest of the school staff.

Working with Parents & Carers


“I feel having Facts4Life’s comprehensive health education programme is such an important part of the curriculum … in order to help prevent illness and promote healthy living.”

Working with Health Professionals


“When I heard [Dr] Hugh van’t Hoff’s presentation about the initial evaluation of the programme and the outcomes, I was completely blown away. The only positive, constructive idea on solving the NHS’s problems in a positive and preventative way that I have heard in my entire 40 year career in Medicine.”

Working with Family Support Workers (Healthy Famililes)


A great introduction to Facts4Life. Great resources available on the website.”

“All of the information was totally relevant, and I know I will be able to put a lot of what I learnt into use when working with families.”

What is Facts4Life?

Facts4Life is a new way of thinking about our health which challenges commonly held beliefs about illness and builds resilience. We do this by exploring three key ideas:

Riding the Ups and Downs – sometimes we feel well, sometimes not. That’s normal.
Keeping Balanced – we often don’t recognise that most of the time, most of us get better from most illnesses without medical help
Smoothing the Path – we can learn to take greater responsibility for our health and respond positively to life’s challenges 

We work across the community, providing training for practitioners and teachers in Early Years settings, Primary and Secondary schools.

We have developed a wealth of resources to support young people’s physical and mental health.

We train Family Support Workers so that whole families can benefit from our approach.

Our work in Gloucestershire is funded by NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board, but our training and resources are available to all. Contact us to find out how we can support your setting.

Who is Facts4Life for?

We live in a climate where many worry about health and we often assume that perfect health is attainable. These unrealistic expectations can lead to the idea that medical services should be able to step in and fix us whenever we feel unwell.

We believe that by developing a language to talk about our experience of health and illness, we are then able to take greater ownership of the factors that affect us. We have shown that by building our understanding, we can develop positive attitudes and change behaviour.

Never has there been a better time to open up the dialogue for young people, families and the wider community.

Watch our animated video for a short introduction to Facts4Life
See how a Gloucestershire primary school has integrated Facts4Life into its curriculum
Two practicing GPs discuss why they believe our approach to health education training works