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Facts4Life Background

F4L Background

Dr. Hugh van’t Hoff explains the F4L approach to health education

Facts4Life Team

The Facts4Life Team

Find out who’s who on the Facts4Life Team

Evaluation of F4L


Read about the evaluation of the Facts4Life project, including a detailed study by the University of the West of England

F4L in Action

Read about Facts4Life in Action at three Gloucestershire schools.



Read the various questions we’ve been asked by teachers, health professionals, parents and carers.

Our Partners

Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

Facts4Life is funded by Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group who has shown great far-sightedness in supporting a preventative programme that is committed to changing children and families’ attitudes to health and illness over time. Initial funding began in 2012 and commissioners have extended this on a long-term contract to 2018.

Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucestershire County Council

We are grateful for the ongoing support of Gloucestershire County Council. Public Health helped to fund the evaluation of the programme by the University of the West of England in both primary and secondary schools.

The University of the West of England

University of the West of England

The University of the West of England initially carried out a full evaluation of the Facts4Life pilot from 2012-15 under the leadership of Jane Powell, Professor of Public Health Economics and Leader of the Public Health & Wellbeing Research Group. The success of the pilot has led to the commissioning of an extended evaluation of our work across the full age range in the primary school and at KS3 within secondary schools.

Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning

Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning

We collaborated closely with GHLL during the initial development of Facts4Life materials. Facts4Life complements the GHLL PinK curriculum and provides an overarching approach to health and illness which can be supported by other materials and interventions.