UWE Evaluation

The ideas behind Facts4Life have been developed throughout the professional life of Hugh van’t Hoff in his work as a GP. These have led to various projects in a number of settings, culminating in the publication of a KS2 resource for schools in 2013, a second edition (including Reception & KS1) in 2016 and a KS3 resource in 2017. Resources for schools have been further revised and extended online. In 2019, an Early Years Pack was published and in 2020 a suite of Healthy Families materials was also added to the Facts4Life portfolio. 

We are committed to independent evaluation of the impact of Facts4Life and have commissioned the University of the West of England to carry out this work.

UWE Evaluation Phase 2: July 2016 – July 2018

    • Controlled before and after study about health-related attitudes, knowledge and behaviours
    • Sample: 400 children at Key Stage 1 & 2 from 14 Gloucestershire primary schools (7 intervention, 7 control), and at Key Stage 3 from 10 Gloucestershire secondary schools (5 intervention, 5 control)
    • Shows a significant improvement in resilience at six month follow-up among intervention group pupils in years 5 and 6. Younger pupils in years 3 and 4 reported improvements in managing three key aspects of their health: a decreased need for medication when feeling unwell, new strategies for promoting mental health, and the usefulness of learning about illness.

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Journal of Public Health – December 2017

A paper entitled ‘Pilot evaluation of a school-based health education intervention in the UK: Facts4Life’ by Emma L Bird & B Oliver (University of the West of England) has been published in the Journal of Public Health, Volume 39, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 796-804.

Abstract: This study assessed short-term changes in children’s health and illness attitudes and health status following Facts4Life, a school-based health education intervention

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UWE Evaluation

UWE Evaluation Phase I: July 2013 – August 2015

  • Controlled before and after study about health-related attitudes, knowledge and behaviours
  • Sample: 324 children at Key Stage 2 from 10 Gloucestershire schools (5 intervention, 5 control)
  • Shows improvements in aspects of pupils’ health-related attitudes, knowledge and behavior relating to illness management and suggest a reduction in children’s perceived reliance on medical intervention when feeling unwell.

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Elmbridge Evaluation – July 2014

Elmbridge Evaluation – July 2014

  • Teacher-led before and after survey into children’s attitudes towards illness and self-care
  • Sample: 72 children at Key Stage 2 in a Gloucester junior school
  • Shows significant impact on children’s attitudes towards perceived need for medical intervention when ill. Increased confidence in taking responsibility for health.

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