Our Team of Child Health Education Experts

Facts4Life Advisory Group

The Facts4Life Advisory Group provides advice and support on areas such as project management, health and medicine, fundraising and marketing. Our members act as professional friends to the organisation and provide challenge to support our strategy and performance.

We are extremely proud to have the following members on board:

Mark Bradley

Director & Company Secretary, Cross Manufacturing www.crossmanufacturing.com

Dr Kieran Kelly

Curriculum Development Fellow, Bath Spa University https://www.bathspa.ac.uk/

Nic Kelly Davies

Account Director, Octane Communication Studio, Bristol

Dr Simon Opher (MBE)

GP, May Lane Surgery, Dursley http://www.walnuttreepractice.co.uk/

Prof Tom Potokar (OBE)

Co-founder & Director of Interburns (international charity)
Professor at Swansea University’s College of Human & Health Sciences and Chair in Global Burn Injury Policy & Research

Dr Helen Miller

Retired Gloucester GP & former Clinical Chair of NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning GroupĀ