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Charitable Organisations and Funding Partners

Facts4Life partners with charities, trusts, and organisations to provide children and young people with vital health education. With financial support from our funding partners, children learn skills and strategies to equip them to face life’s challenges and manage their health – giving them the best possible start in life.
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Why fund facts4life? Facts4Life partners with charitable trusts and funding organisations to deliver projects that help children.

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Why partner with Facts4Life?

Facts4Life is a unique approach to children’s health and development needs. Facts4Life supports children, young people, and families to develop strategies that enable them to confidently manage their health. We aim to work in areas with the most significant social and economic deprivation where our work can have the greatest impact.

With your support, we can train practitioners and teachers to deliver Facts4Life’s health education. Our curriculum and resources provide opportunities for children to learn about physical and mental health (including minor and major illnesses). We also provide resources for parents in order to maximise benefits for the child.

Funding from our partners unlocks access for children to not only build a language to talk about their health, but also a sense of responsibility for it too. We’re keen to expand our reach and partner with organisations to provide health education for children in early years, primary, and secondary school settings and our directors, Dr. Hugh van’t Hoff and John Davis, would be pleased to speak to you about the impact our approach has made.

Our unique approach to health education

Facts4Life’s approach to child health literacy is an innovative collaboration between education and medicine. Our directors, Dr Hugh van’t Hoff, a practising GP, and John Davis, a former deputy headteacher, bring a wealth of practical knowledge on the health and educational needs of children and young people – and how to bridge gaps in the existing provision in the challenging times we are facing.

Our approach is holistic and encompasses all aspects of illness and health (physical and mental) – from understanding viruses to learning self-care strategies to promote good health. We help children see illness as a normal part of life, which children have agency over.

Facts4Life’s impact is backed by research

Our impact on children’s and young people’s lives is backed by independent research from the University of the West of England, UK. Facts4Life projects increase children’s resilience, decrease anxiety, reduce absenteeism and unnecessary GP visits, and improve overall child wellbeing.
Read the full findings of the research here:

What do teachers think about Facts4Life?

Teachers, EY Practitioners, TAs and FSWs trained

“A perfect balance of information and practical resources to use in schools.”
“Very knowledgeable trainers.”
“Great resources and easy-to-use website. Themes were mapped out across the school and linked to the curriculum.”
“It really opened up my eyes to the different ways to introduce mental health into schools and support children.”
“The resources are brilliant for adapting to different pupil needs and abilities.”


average feedback score for our training and resources

Become a benefactor of Facts4Life

We aim to partner with organisations, patrons, charitable trusts, healthcare providers, governments, councils and charities to jump-start change and help tackle inequity in childhood development. Facts4Life welcomes benefactors looking to support child health education projects with far-reaching & long-term impact.

We are committed to forming long-lasting relationships with our benefactors in order to show this impact over time.

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