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I’m pleased to tell you that I cycled for 26 out of the 30 days in June…and thus earned my Facts4Life 30 Day Challenge gold certificate!

Well done, me!

It wasn’t easy…

I won’t say it was easy. I suppose it wouldn’t have been a challenge if it wasn’t difficult. The actual cycling wasn’t hard work (except on the days it rained), but finding the time each day to fit in a bike ride was tough, even if it was only for twenty minutes.

The good news is that having the carrot of the challenge did keep me focused and determined in a way I hadn’t expected. I missed a few days in London, so I knew I had to do the final few days of June to make it up to the 26 days needed to achieve the gold certificate. And even though I was tired and busy, the thought of not settling just for the silver certificate made me put in the final effort and achieve the full challenge!

“Teachers are always been really enthusiastic about this challenge!”

A success in schools!

We see schools using the 30 Day Challenge in a range of ways to help their students adopt a range of health-related behaviours – from being more physically active to doing a mindfulness activity each day.

Teachers we’ve talked to have always been really enthusiastic about this challenge! We’ve loved seeing the range of ways teachers have innovatively used it in their schools.

It’s designed to be flexible so that you can tailor it to your children’s needs and circumstances. Your students can also use it as part of the county GHLL healthy schools award!

How did you do?

When you’ve completed the challenge, it’s worth reinforcing your students’ health education by reflecting on the impact of this health education initiative.

As a reflection exercise, you can ask your students what they learned at the end of the activity, if they think they will carry on any new health behaviours adopted in the challenge, and how they would do it differently next time.

How did you and your students do on the Facts4Life 30 Day Challenge? We hope you all enjoyed taking part!

Pete Kirby, Curriculum Developer