Oh Flo!


Oh Flo! Is something wrong? 
Life isn’t always easy when you’re little. Flo’s busy day is full of fun but things don’t always go smoothly …..

Dimensions: H 210mm x W 252mm x D 4mm
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How do you support your child to cope with the everyday ups and downs of life in pre-school?

Join Flo as she navigates a day in the life of a pre-schooler experiencing the ups and downs that are common to young children. Explore how Flo overcomes these challenges and talk about the ways in which we can all be helped to feel a little better when things don’t go quite the way we might like.

This is a book to share together with opportunities to discuss and explore on every page. The colourful and engaging illustrations will captivate younger and older readers with more to see and learn on each reading.

Supporting notes for parents and carers can be found on the inside front cover whilst practitioner notes can be found at the back.