This is Fin and Bear


Fin has this amazing body. It can do so many things
So begins Fin’s exploration of what is happening in his busy body and busy brain, even while sleeping.

“This beautiful book will help children understand not just how their bodies work but that they have control over their health.”   Doctor and TV Presenter of Operation Ouch fame, Chris van Tulleken

Dimensions: H 250mm x W 245mm x D 3mm
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How do you support your child take on the healthy habits of a lifetime? This innovative new children’s book helps young people to ride the ups and downs of life and build confidence in looking after their health. Through Fin, children can see how their heart pumps, their lungs breathe and how their brains are making sense of the world around them. Bear is on hand to lend support at every turn, through the good times as well as through times of illness or sadness. It is a book to share together with opportunities to discuss and explore on every page. The beautiful and engaging illustrations will captivate younger and older readers with more to see and learn on each reading. "This is a really great book which explains key facts about how our bodies work but also, differently to a lot of 'body' books, highlights the importance of keeping the mind healthy and happy too, which I really liked. There is a huge focus on mental health at the moment, rightly so, and so this book is fantastic for helping children understand that feeling not so great is OK. The illustrations are lively and interesting and each page is exciting to look at. I loved the little questions in the speech bubbles all the way through. As a teacher and a parent, I think this book is ideal for using in class, groups and also at home with my own child. Highly recommended." Mrs K Wells

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Dimensions 25 × 24.5 × 0.3 cm