Resources for Teachers & other Key Workers

KS3 Mental Health Resources

These materials are available for download using the links below (please note, the links are only visible when you are logged in to the site).

  • KS3 Mental Health (Full) Resource
  • Themes, Key Messages & Ground Rules
  • KS3 Mental Health PowerPoint 
  • Evaluation
  • Useful Websites

Theme One: Riding the Ups and Downs – What is Mental Health?

  • Quiz on Mental Health (inc. Teacher Guidance Notes)
  • Introduction: Discussion themes on Mental Health
  • Mental Health Continuum

Theme Two: Keeping Balanced – When Might I Need Help?

  • Balance Ball
    • Balance Ball video (mp4 & webm)
  • Exploring Anxiety

Theme Three: Smoothing the Path – How Can I Better Support Myself?

  • Sleep Diary
  • What Keeps us Well?
  • What is Helpful & What is Not
  • Having a Wobble?
  • What Would Your Selfie Say?
  • My Support Network
  • Empathy
  • Need To Talk? Who Can Listen?
  • Using Media Clips
  • Identifying Strengths & Giving Positive Affirmations
  • F4L 30 Day Wellbeing Challenge (Homework Task)
    • Five Ways to Wellbeing – Powerpoint (ppt) 
    • Five Ways to Wellbeing – Assembly Script (to accompany ppt)