F4L Resources for Teachers

Additional Resources – KS3

These materials are designed to be used alongside our KS3 teacher’s book. They are available for download using the links below (please note, the links are only visible when you are logged in to the site).


  • Questions & Answers: Useful suggestions on how to answer children’s questions about the Coronavirus

    Check-in Activities

    These activities help you to tune in to your pupils’ emotional state and give them an opportunity to reflect upon how they feel.

    • Check-in activities

    Neuroscience Module

    Session 1 – Keeping Balanced

    • PowerPoint
    • Teacher Notes
    • Activity – What do you know about the brain?

    Session 2 – Riding the Ups and Downs

    • PowerPoint
    • Teacher Notes
    • Activity – Emotional or Rational Response?
    • Activity – Gingerbread Person

    Session 3 – Smoothing the Path

    • PowerPoint
    • Teacher Notes
    • Activity – Coping Strategies
    • Activity – Five Ways to Wellbeing Strategies
    • Activity – Five Ways to Wellbeing Calendar
    • Ways of Stimulating the Vagus Nerve
    • Activity – Final Review

    Staying Connected

    Managing social media and its impact on health

    • PowerPoint
    • Teacher Notes
    • Activity Sheet 1
    • Activity Sheet 2 – Social Media Charter

    When I am Ill

    Considers the emotional, physical and environmental influences that impact on our health, and provides strategies for positive self-management

    • PowerPoint
    • Teacher Notes
    • Nicky & Sam Activity Sheet
    • Smoothing the Path Top Tips Activity Sheet


    Highlights the importance of sleep in keeping us healthy

    • Sleep Fact File
    • BBC1 Panorama ‘Sleepless Britain’ documentary clip 

    Facts4Life 30 Day Challenges

    Facts4Life 30 day Activity Challenge Sheet 

    • Gold Certificate 
    • Silver Certificate
    • Bronze Certificate

    Facts4Life 30 day Wellbeing Challenge Sheet

    • Gold Certificate
    • Silver Certificate
    • Bronze Certificate

    Click here for further information on the Five Ways to Wellbeing


    • KS3 Assembly script
    • KS3 Assembly PowerPoint


    • Stop and Take a Breath
    • Bringing Mindful Moments into Your Day
    • Mindful Me Activities sheet
    • Mindful Me Activities sheet – Outside I Spy list

    Plenary Activities

    Finish with a plenary activity to help pupils process, prioritise and summarise the learning

    • KS3 Plenary Activities

    F4L Snakes & Ladders Game

    • Instructions
    • Game Board  (pdf; print on A3 ideally)
    • Chance Cards
    • Question Cards


    • Draft Letter to Parents
    • F4L Fact File Prompt Questions
    • Pre and Post Attitudes Evaluation Sheet (pdf)
    • Pre and Post Attitudes Evaluation Sheet (Word)