F4L Resources for Teachers

KS3 – Additional Resources

Below are a range of resources designed to be used alongside our KS3 Teacher’s book:

Neuroscience Module

Session 1 – Keeping Balanced

  • PowerPoint
  • Teacher Notes
  • Activity – What do you know about the brain?

Session 2 – Riding the Ups and Downs

  • PowerPoint
  • Teacher Notes
  • Activity – Emotional or Rational Response?
  • Activity – Gingerbread Person

Session 3 – Smoothing the Path

  • PowerPoint
  • Teacher Notes
  • Activity – Coping Strategies
  • Activity – Five Ways to Wellbeing Strategies
  • Activity – Five Ways to Wellbeing Calendar
  • Ways of Stimulating the Vagus Nerve
  • Activity – Final Review

Staying Connected

Managing social media and its impact on health

  • PowerPoint
  • Teacher Notes
  • Activity Sheet 1
  • Activity Sheet 2 – Social Media Charter

When I am Ill

Considers the emotional, physical and environmental influences that impact on our health, and provides strategies for positive self-management

  • PowerPoint
  • Teacher Notes
  • Nicky & Sam Activity Sheet
  • Smoothing the Path Top Tips Activity Sheet


Highlights the importance of sleep in keeping us healthy

  • Sleep Fact File
  • BBC1 Panorama ‘Sleepless Britain’ documentary clip 

Facts4Life 30 Day Challenges

Facts4Life 30 day Activity Challenge Sheet 

  • Gold Certificate 
  • Silver Certificate
  • Bronze Certificate

Facts4Life 30 day Wellbeing Challenge Sheet

  • Gold Certificate
  • Silver Certificate
  • Bronze Certificate

Click here for further information on the Five Ways to Wellbeing


  • KS3 Assembly script
  • KS3 Assembly PowerPoint


  • Stop and Take a Breath
  • Bringing Mindful Moments into Your Day
  • Mindful Me Activity Poster

Plenary Activities

Finish with a plenary activity to help pupils process, prioritise and summarise the learning

  • KS3 Plenary Activities

F4L Snakes & Ladders Game

  • Instructions
  • Game Board  (pdf; print on A3 ideally)
  • Chance Cards
  • Question Cards


  • Draft Letter to Parents
  • F4L Fact File Prompt Questions
  • Pre and Post Attitudes Evaluation Sheet (pdf)
  • Pre and Post Attitudes Evaluation Sheet (Word)