Resources for Teachers & other Key Workers

Key Stage 3: Modules 7-9

These materials are available for download using the links below (please note, the links are only visible when you are logged in to the site).

Module 7: Riding the Ups and Downs in The Community

  • Riding the Ups and Downs in the Community powerpoint
  • Gloucestershire Health Profile 2015
  • Gloucestershire Health Profile 2016
  • Gloucestershire Health Profile Data 2015 & 2016 – pupil resource sheet
  • Gloucestershire Online Pupil Survey Data 2016 powerpoint
  • Wales – National Health Data

Module 8: Researching a Medical Condition

  • Research into a medical condition powerpoint
  • Download all our KS3 Fact Files as a zip file
  • Visit our wide range of Fact Files here to select the topic that you would like to research

Module 9: Smoothing the Path Across the Community

  • Smoothing the Path across the Community (ppt)
  • F4L True or False Quiz
  • F4L True or False Quiz – answers