F4L Resources for Teachers

KS3 Mental Health Resource

  • KS3 Mental Health (Full) Resource
  • Themes, Key Messages & Ground Rules
  • Evaluation
  • Useful Websites

Theme One: Riding the Ups and Downs – What is Mental Health?

  • Quiz on Mental Health (inc. Teacher Guidance Notes)
  • Introduction: Discussion themes on Mental Health
  • Mental Health Continuum

Theme Two: Keeping Balanced – When Might I Need Help?

  • Balance Ball
    • Balance Ball video (mp4 & webm)
  • Exploring Anxiety

Theme Three: Smoothing the Path – How Can I Better Support Myself?

  • Sleep Diary
  • What Keeps us Well?
  • What is Helpful & What is Not
  • Having a Wobble?
  • What Would Your Selfie Say?
  • My Support Network
  • Empathy
  • Need To Talk? Who Can Listen?
  • Using Media Clips
  • Identifying Strengths & Giving Positive Affirmations
  • F4L 30 Day Wellbeing Challenge (Homework Task)
    • Five Ways to Wellbeing – Powerpoint (ppt) 
    • Five Ways to Wellbeing – Assembly Script (to accompany ppt)