Resources for Teachers & other Key Workers

Healthy Families Resources

These resources are available for download using the links below (please note, the links are only visible when you are logged in to the site).

Our materials have been developed for Family Support Workers and other professionals working in the community with families. They are designed to encourage discussion and can be passed on to families of Early Years, Primary and Secondary age children. They are to be used in conjunction with the open access resources on the Parents page of this website.

Early Years Focus Activities

  • Terrific Toothbrushing
    • Terrific Toothbrushing – Guidance for Parents & Carers 
    • Terrific Toothbrushing Colour Poster
    • Terrific Toothbrushing Colour Me In Activity Sheet
    • Brush Your Teeth! song
  • Brilliant Bedtimes
    • Brilliant Bedtimes Resource
    • The Brilliant Bedtime Record Sheet
    • Positive Touch for Brilliant Bedtimes
  • Super Pooper
    • Super Pooper Resource
    • Super Pooper Colouring Sheet
  • Helping Little People with BIG Emotions in Early Years
    • Helping Little People Resource
  • Healthy Eating
    • British Nutrition Foundation – ‘5532-a-day’ Perfect Portions for Toddler Tums
    • Facts4Life Portion Sizes for Little Tummies

Themed Activity Sheets

  • Sleep
    • Activity Sheet (colour)
    • Activity Sheet (black & white)
  • Physical Activity
    • Activity Sheet (colour)
    • Activity Sheet (black & white)
  • Anxiety
    • Activity Sheet (colour)
    • Activity Sheet (black and white)
  • Diet/poo – What does your poo say about you? How our poo helps us understand our diet and nutrition
    • Activity sheet (colour)
    • Activity sheet (black and white)

Additional Activities:

  • The Language of Emotion: Music to explore emotions
    • Follow on task: Create a ‘feel good’ playlist with your family
  • Exploring Worry
  • Exploring Anxiety
  • Inside Out Core Memories
  • Bubbles Visualisation
  • Sleep Diary
  • Guided Stories
    • Follow on task: Draw, model or paint the scenes you imagine
  • Use of Film
  • The Five Ways to Wellbeing (Click here to find out more)
    • The Five Ways to Wellbeing – Connect
    • The Five Ways to Wellbeing – Take Notice
    • The Five Ways to Wellbeing – Give

For Younger Children – click on the Mindful Me Activity Poster above and try one or more of the activities to calm body and mind.

For Older Children – click on the Mindful Me Activities (KS3) sheet to explore our wider list of activities for older children and adults.