Online Facts4Life Healthy Families Training for Family Support/Liaison Workers

Date/Time:     Wednesday 11th May 2022 (11:00-12:00) or Monday 20th June 2022 (13:30-14:30)
Trainers:         Dr Hugh van’t Hoff (GP & Director, F4L) & Pete Kirby (Curriculum Developer, F4L)
Cost:               Free to Gloucestershire schools

We are announcing an online course for Family Support/Liaison Workers in Gloucestershire to help you in your work with families in these challenging times.

What is Facts4Life?

Facts4Life is a health resilience programme for early years, primary and secondary settings (including parents) that provides opportunities to learn more about physical and mental health. Commissioned by NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, we have trained teachers from more than 200 schools in the county who are using our approach to building resilience. Our Healthy Families Workshops are currently on hold, but we would like to share with you the tools that we use in supporting families inside and outside school.

The course will:

  • outline the three key messages that underpin the Facts4Life approach to resilience which we disseminate to children and parents
  • provide FREE resources relating to physical and mental health that you can use with children and their families, e.g. encouraging sleep routines, physical activity, healthy eating etc.
  • support you in your work with parents/carers to develop skills of self-regulation and co-regulation
  • help you to promote good attendance in school
  • provide follow up support in using Facts4Life materials

Comments from our Healthy Families Workshops:

“Made me think more about my actions and how they affect my children.”
“Great information given about the brain and putting in strategies before explosion of emotions.”
“It was brilliant to hear mental health properly explained and ways to cope.”

To book

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