My Busy Brain

My busy brain and how I can help it

This short video (click on the image to play) explains in simple terms the tasks of the different parts of the brain, how we can learn to manage our busy brain and the tricky emotions that we all feel.

Vist the Mindfulness section of our Parents and Carers page to explore some of the strategies that can help.

Self-Regulation Challenge

Practising mindful activities helps your brain to learn new patterns of behaviour and keep in balance so, when faced with a tricky situation, your brain will more easily recall the actions that can help us to feel better. Try our 4 week ‘Self-Regulation Challenges’ below with your family!

Feel Good Hormones

There are a number of actions that stimulate the production of ‘feel good‘ hormones inside our bodies. This poster shows some of these actions and which hormone they are associated with. Many of these actions match up with the Five Ways to Wellbeing. See how many already feature in your daily life. You might spot some ideas to try for times when you need to boost those happy hormones.