Resources for Teachers & other Key Workers

Early Years Foundation Stage

Years 1 &2 (KS1)

Our Early Years Resource Pack includes a variety of double-sided laminated activity cards, as follows, that can be used in any order to suit the group.

  • Being a Friend
  • Eating and Drinking
  • What do squirrels do when they are ill?
  • Being active makes my brain happy!
  • Turn Your Frown Upside Down!
  • When I am sad
  • Oh dear! I’m feeling ……!
  • Feeling Good
  • This is Fin and Bear
  • Why do we need sleep?
  • Sleep is like magic medicine!

The Pack also includes a Healthy Me Activities and Mindful Me Activities double-sided poster. The activities can also be downloaded as a set of individual cards:

To order the Pack or request training in your setting please contact us via our website contact page. 

The cards in the Facts4Life Early Years Pack are mapped against the Early Learning Goals. For setting that are working with the 2021 EYFS reforms and the early adopter version of the goals, the cards in the Pack continue to meet many of the goals, specifically these sections: Communication and Language (all sections), Personal, Social and Emotional Development (all sections), Physical Development (Gross Motor Skills ELG), Literacy (Comprehension ELG), and Understanding the World (Being Imaginative and Expressive).

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Sample cards from the Early Years Pack

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This is Fin and Bear



Our children’s book ‘This is Fin and Bear’ accompanies the Early Years pack and can be ordered here.

Download instructions on how to make your very own ‘Bear’  download

Guidance for Key Workers

  • EYFS ‘Loss’ Resource – Notes for Practitioners